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Going Through Andropause Crisis

Going through andropause crisesAndro...what???

Midlife and its symptoms come to man at the different times. It can start during one's mid-thirties or even during the late forties and onwards. Men, there is no strongly marked physical change in the procreation ability. Some refer to men's midlife, as the male "MENOPAUSE" but this is misnomer because men have no "meno" or monthly periods. The proper term according to Dr. Robert Tan of the University of Texas is "ANDROPAUSE."

ANDROPAUSE is the time in a man's life when the hormones naturally decline. A medical dictionary defines the ANDROPAUSE as "a change of life for males that may be expressed in terms of a career change, divorce, or reordering of life. It is associated with a decline in androgen levels that occur in men during their late forties or early fifties.

You are 40 years old man or pushing 50 or 60. You are going through your life merrily and then, one day, "BAM!" You just wake up confused and in crisis, feeling stuck in a deep rut. You seem to be okay physically but you feel funny. You feel burned out, disillusioned, and your job may not bring you as much joy and satisfaction as it used to. You realize that you have passed your peak and you feel that things are going downhill from now on. Well, man, this is midlife singing its siren's song, making one huge ball of confusion.


Midlife or the Prime of life was a phrase use by the Greeks more than 2,300 years ago. The philosopher Aristotle saw midlife (about 50) as the ideal age, the time in life when one is most balanced between the excesses of youth and the wisdom of age, and referred to this equilibrium as the "golden mean" of life".

The symptoms and signs of androgen are

  • Decrease libido or low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction or impotence


The physical changes brought about by ANDROPAUSE are accompanied by what psychologist term "midlife crisis," a difficult period of utter confusion, uncertainly and insecurity.


According to New York Time editorial page editor Howell Raines, "It (midlife crisis) typically begins with mild twinges of dread, disappointment and restlessness that tiptoe in on little cat feet. Then in some cases, the cat feet turn to elephant feet."

When ANDROPAUSE hits you, do not panic. This midlife malady is a natural physiological process. Stay cool and bear in mind that even your best friends and worst enemies will have it, too. Your help is POTENSAN.

To minimize the effects of ANDROPAUSE without medical intervention:

  • Rest well, and learn to relax as you age with the popular product RELAXAN®
  • Stop smoking with our NATURSTOPP® - Aid to Stop Smoking, it is 100% NICOTINE-FREE. Research has shown that smoking is risk factors that contribute to early ANDROPAUSE.



Midlife is the time to ask these all-important questions:

  • How can I stay happy, fulfilled, and useful?
  • What can I do to be useful to my loved ones and society?


The answer to this question is: go through Andropause with a "Secret Partner:" POTENSAN

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