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Going Through Menopause Crisis

Going Through Menopause CrisisHOW TO KNOW?

You are a woman 40 years old or pushing 50 or 60. You are going through your life merrily and then, one day, "BAM!" You just wake up confused and in crisis, feeling stuck in a deep rut. You seem to be okay physically but you feel funny. It's like you have stepped into a void, meaningless hole. All of sudden you start questioning many things about your life and you develop this sudden thirst that seems really hard to quench.

You look in the mirror and you don't like what you see. Wrinkles, eye bags, white hair, receding hairline, sagging skin, fat and veritable sign of aging. You realize that you have passed your peak and you feel that things are going downhill from now on. Life doesn't seem to hold much meaning. Well, madam, this is midlife singing its siren's song, making one huge ball of confusion.


Midlife or the prime of life was a phrase used by the Greeks more than 2,300 years ago. The philosopher Aristotle saw midlife (about 50) as the ideal age, the time in life when one is most balanced between the excesses of youth and the wisdom of age, and referred to this equilibrium as the "golden mean" of life.

Midlife and its symptoms come to people at different times. It can start during one's mid-thirties or even during the late forties and onwards. For women it is heralded by a physical change – a time when they can no longer ovulate and menstruate, the menopause. ("Meno" in Greek means "month" which refers to women's monthly periods.)

Aside from the termination of the menstrual cycle, menopause brings to women certain restlessness, some depression, and hot flushes. Physical changes brought about by menopause are accompanied by what psychologist's term "midlife crisis," a difficult period of utter confusion, uncertainly and insecurity.


According to New York Times editorial page editor Howell Raines, "It (midlife crisis) typically begins with mild twinges of dread, disappointment and restlessness that tiptoe in on little cat feet. Then in some cases, the cat feet turns to elephant feet."

When menopause hits you, do not panic. Start taking FEMI MAX™ - Europe's famous all-natural estrogen with no chemical hormones. This midlife malady is a natural physiological process. Stay cool and bear in mind that even your best friends and worst enemies will have it, too. To minimize the effects to menopause without medical intervention:

  • Rest well, and learn to relax as you age together with the popular RELAXAN™.
  • Stop smoking with NATURSOPP® – Aid to Stop Smoking, the world's FIRST AND ONLY 100% Nicotine-Free product developed to get rid of the bad smoking habit for good.
  • Research has shown that smoking is a risk factor that contributes to early menopause.
  • Have faith that midlife is transitory and that you will triumph and find the answers.
  • Understand yourself and be open to change



The big change during the midlife crisis is in the psycho-emotional department. Relationships could deteriorate and become turbulent. It is important to note that most separations happen during this phase. It is also a device some use to escape their midlife worries and problems. There is a big plus to midlife and this is probably why the Greeks referred to it a s the prime of life. You start searching for meaning, for relevance. You realize that there is more to life than a pay check. You start to contemplate on the real big questions: What is life? Why I am here? Is there a meaning to all this? Yes, Potensan® or Femi Max™ will help you.


Women who deny having reached menopause make the mistake of not acceding to their true calendar age and all the power and glory that it brings. Your middle and golden years are the most powerful years of your life. Align yourself with you deeper truths. Love and reward yourself, and learn to enjoy and savor the aging process. POTENSAN® or FEMI MAX™ will help you.

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